Cirugía en la clínica de pequeños animales. Técnicas quirúrgicas - Libros de veterinaria - Editorial Servet

Cirugía en la clínica de pequeños animales. Técnicas quirúrgicas - Libros de veterinaria - Editorial Servet

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Reseña del editor A self-contained in-depth treatment of aircraft performance designed for a first course in aeronautical or aerospace engineering for undergraduate engineers. Provides an understanding of why conventional aircraft look and fly the way they do. This well written text covers turbofan and turboprop propulsion subjects often avoided in other texts. New to the text is the treatment of wind effects on aircraft. Includes illustrative examples and references to practical piloting procedures and the significance of parameters. Nota de la solapa Here is a self-contained comprehensive introduction to the performance and design characteristics of aircraft with conventional propulsion systems. This teaching-text for a first course in aeronautical or aerospace engineering imparts an understanding of why conventional aircraft look and fly as they do. After working through this book students and design engineers will be able to take the physical characteristics of any existing aircraft and from them determine the aircrafts range flight regime rate of climb turning rate and all other performance characteristics. The text gives a detailed overview of all the supporting technologies involved in aircraft design including propulsion aerodynamics and stability. It also provides a unique in-depth treatment of turbofan and turboprop propulsion. Introduction to Aircraft Performance Selection and Design emphasizes simple analytical relationships applicable to classes of aircraft rather than the traditional graphical techniques applicable only to individual aircraft with specified weights wing areas and altitudes. It gives numerous illustrative examples and incorporates into the text many references to practical flying procedures. The text includes work-problems in each chapter and involves minimal mathematical skills such as the ability to solve a quadratic equation take a first derivative and perform a single integration. Throughout the book the author uses the English system of units often with corresponding SI units and values shown in parentheses. The most accessible text of its kind Introduction to Aircraft Performance Selection and Design will be an indispensable resource for all students in aeronautical or aerospace engineering as well as practicing engineers who need a quick refresher or updating. Contraportada Dynamics of Flight 2nd Edition Bernard Etkin Dynamics of Flight 2nd Edition gives you thorough coverage of all the material needed to understand the equilibrium and dynamics states of airplanes in flight. This completely revised and updated edition reviews the physical and mathematical foundations of the subject before systematically explaining the flying qualities of aircraft as well as the forces and loads imposed on them by various flying conditions and maneuvers. Includes new sections on open loop and closed-loop control numerous worked examples and useful data on stability and control derivatives. 370 pp. 0-471-08936-2 1982 Aerodynamics Aeronautics and Flight Mechanics Barnes W. McCormick Covering a wide range of subjects from the fluid mechanics and aerodynamics of incompressible and compressible flows to static and dynamic longitudinal and lateral-directional stability and control this excellent book also contains much data relating to currently operating planes and engines. Numerical methods are emphasized throughout and many working graphics are included. An ideal text for undergraduate and graduate programs in aerospace engineering and a valuable reference for practicing aerospace engineers. 652 pp. 0-471-03032-5 1979 Structural Dynamics An Introduction to Computer Methods Roy Craig Jr. This unique volume surpasses the standard material generally covered in structural dynamics courses by emphasizing mathematical modelling of structure and methods for solving structural dynamics problems using the digital computer. An extremely readable and teachable work it includes many excellent practice problems and worked examples drawn from aerospace engineering. Includes an extensive introduction to numerical techniques for computing natural frequencies and mode shapes. 527 pp. 0-471-04499-7 1981 Biografía del autor About the author.Francis J. Hale is a Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at North Carolina State University Raleigh. He received his BS from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point his SM in controls and instrumentation and ScD in aeronautics and astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology He is an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics a member of the Order of Daedalians and holds memberships in many other professional and honor societies. Before joining North Carolina State University in 1965 Professor Hale had an active career in the Army and Air Force where he worked in engineering research and development tested aircraft weapon systems served as Deputy Director of the Thor and Minuteman Weapon Systems and was a rated pilot.

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