Primeros auxilios en perros y gatos - Libros de veterinaria - Editorial Servet

Primeros auxilios en perros y gatos - Libros de veterinaria - Editorial Servet

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Reseña del editor In 1949 the famous German rocket scientist Dr. Wernher von Braun wrote a science-fiction manuscript based on a trip to Mars. This was more than just a fictional story. It was an actual proposal to send an expedition to Mars.Dr. Wernher von Braun worked out in great detail all the technical requirements for this Mars proposal. He worked out the orbits the space craft would have to follow to reach Mars and how long it would take. He also worked out how many rockets and space ships and crew would be required for this operation. His proposal because that is what it really was provided a great amount of scientific and technical information not available anywhere else. For example did you know that the moon rotates around the Earth at right angles to the way that the Earth rotates around the sun? Did you know the problems this causes for the tides in the ocean?These little known scientific facts and technical details are all in this book but there is much more. Mars rotates around the sun in almost the same plane that the Earth rotates around the sun but there is a difference has to be accounted for.Then there is the question of radio communications between Mars the space ship and Earth. Mars is furthest away from Earth at the point where they are on opposite sides of the sun. One would assume that they are too far away from each other to communicate. But we now know that this is not true. A radio transmission can even pass right through Jupiter and reach Pluto and then go on into deeper space.This book anticipates problems that have subsequently taken place. He describes a fictional disaster when a rocket blows up killing the people inside that is almost exactly identical to the real Space Shuttle Challenger disaster that took place on January 28 1986 with seven would-be astronauts inside showing that seven would-be astronauts who were killed had not studied this book to anticipate this problem.

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Reseña del editor Mina is 16 years old. Her Chicas de Nieve Y

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Reseña del editor Irresistible. Tentación (Inmortales

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Críticas Dieses erste ausf hrliche Buch ber das Therapeutic Risk Management of Medicines

Fundamentos De Oceanografía Dinámica (Serie

Críticas 'An astonishing achievement … Fundamentos de Oceanografía Dinámica (Serie

Libro asociado Primeros auxilios en perros y gatos - Libros de veterinaria - Editorial Servet

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