Wilderness Survival Handbook: Primitive Skills for Short-Term Survival and Long-Term Comfort (English Edition)

Wilderness Survival Handbook: Primitive Skills for Short-Term Survival and Long-Term Comfort (English Edition)

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Críticas George Monbiot with the clarity and straightforwardness that is his trademark has managed to lay out our dilemma and our possibilities - this book strikes the necessary balance between visionary and practical and does it with real grace. - Bill McKibben author of Enough Inspired and inspirational George Monbiot's call to act gives new coherence to a movement that is changing as it learns. So much has to change that the scale of the task can feel overwhelming. But we have changed our lives as fast and fundamentally before. - Danny Dorling author of Inequality and the 1% Reseña del editor Today our lives are dominated by an ideology of extreme competition and individualism. It misrepresents human nature destroying hope and common purpose. But we cannot replace it without a positive vision one that reengages people in politics and lights a path to a better world. Urgent and passionate George Monbiot shows how new findings in psychology neuroscience and evolutionary biology cast humans in a radically different light: as the supreme altruists and cooperators. He shows how both democracy and economic life can be radically reorganised from the bottom up enabling us to take back control and overthrow the forces that have thwarted our ambitions for a better society. Out of the Wreckage explains just how communities can be rebuilt with the help of a new politics of belonging. Biografía del autor George Monbiot writes a weekly column for the Guardian and is the author of a number of books including Heat The Age of Consent Captive State Feral and How Did We Get Into This Mess?. He recently helped to found Rewilding Britain which seeks to redefine people's relationship to the living world.

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Libro asociado Wilderness Survival Handbook: Primitive Skills for Short-Term Survival and Long-Term Comfort (English Edition)

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