Bullet Points in ENT: Postgraduate and Exit Exam Preparation

Bullet Points in ENT: Postgraduate and Exit Exam Preparation

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Críticas Five-star Reviews: Excellent resource Great resource with pictures. I'm an ANP & this is useful for skin conditions when the patients are in the room or even when they've left to look up suitable terminology for writing notes. I work in a non teaching practice so I sometimes have to 'google' my way through consultations. This book really helps. Amazon reviewer Valuable It's a fabulous resource. I am a pharmacist and we are increasingly expected to respond to dermatology related signs and symptoms in community pharmacies as we rapidly become the first port of call for minor ailments. I use this book every day and have been able to confidently assess most skin conditions using this well organised and easy to use book and therefore suggest the best course of action whether that be symptomatic treatment with a watch and wait approach or alternatively to see their GP. Amazon reviewer Very satisfied Very easy to find information about different skin conditions written quite briefly and to the point with all the necessary knowledge one needs to deal with skin challenges. Amazon reviewer This book is extremely useful and concise especially regarding Dermatological diagnosis This is a superb book. I have used the website DermNet New Zealand for a long time now. This book is extremely useful and concise especially regarding Dermatological diagnosis. Amazon reviewer Fantastic Highly recommended for any ANP/ENPs out there Amazon reviewer Excellent & easy to use text book Essential reading for any health care professional interested in dermatology. An excellent and easy to use resource. Amazon reviewer Truly a tour-de-force I am truly gobsmacked by the amount of effort that would have gone into putting a book like this together. That the author did a remarkable job goes without saying; that she did it while doing a million other things is more or less the Amanda we have all come around to expecting; but the fact that she did this alone is what is so truly mind blowing. I had to use it yesterday and was amazed at the logic that has gone into organising the book. Amazon reviewer Fantastic book Loved the website as my go to dermatology resource and the book provides the same great info with plenty of useful pictures. Amazon reviewer Good text book Very good book with lots of pictures of various skin conditions. Also it is considerably cheaper than most dermatology books. Amazon reviewer Good read for the subject Very clear explanations Amazon reviewer Simple as the name says Good book from the founder of DermnetNZ Professor Amanda Oakley. The layout is simple and picyures are very good. Good value for money Amazon reviewer Five Stars like the website - knowledgable /easy learning and full of good photos Amazon reviewer Lovely and useful Great book Amazon reviewer Five Stars love this book. Great illustrations Amazon reviewer Reseña del editor From reviews: ... a perfect solution to the constant struggle that dermatology diagnosis presents to primary care physicians and other providers... This well-formatted book covers a vast array of topics ranging from common to rare skin disorders. The pictures are immensely helpful in the understanding of various skin rashes.... Fam Med 2019;51(5):451-452. ... easy to read and informative. One cannot emphasise enough the quality and comprehensive nature of the photographic content.... As someone who was interested in dermatology even as a medical student my only regret is that this book was not around when I was a student as it would have very adequately guided me into my beloved subspecialty. Ulster Med J 2017;86(3):1-1. The introduction outlines dermatological conditions by symptom morphology and body site providing an excellent index prior to delving into greater detail in the following chapters. The logical approach and level of detail make this text perfect for medical students interns/residents primary care physicians and other specialists who wish to quickly identify differential diagnoses or refresh their knowledge of dermatological conditions. A Lecturer in Dermatology Dermatology Made Easy is based on the hugely popular DermNet New Zealand website and is designed to help GPs medical students and dermatologists diagnose skin conditions with confidence. The book starts by providing a series of comprehensive tables complete with over 500 thumbnail photos to aid diagnosis according to symptoms morphology or body site. Once you have narrowed down the diagnosis cross-references then guide you to more detailed descriptions and another 700 photographs covering: * common infections * inflammatory rashes * non-inflammatory conditions * skin lesions Every section provides consistent information on the disorder: * who gets it and what causes it? * what are the clinical features and does it cause any complications? * how do you diagnose it? * how do you treat it and how long does it take to resolve? The book concludes with a comprehensive section on further investigations and treatment options. Dermatology Made Easy combines the essential focus of the Made Easy book series with the authority and knowledge base of DermNet New Zealand's unparalleled resources. Printed in full colour throughout. Biografía del autor Amanda Oakley is the Chief Editor at DermNet NZ.

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