CONSUMIR MENOS VIVIR MEJOR: Ideas prácticas para un consumo más consecuente (CUERPO Y MENTE)

CONSUMIR MENOS VIVIR MEJOR: Ideas prácticas para un consumo más consecuente (CUERPO Y MENTE)

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Críticas It is difficult to describe this book without praising it...[From Frege to Godel] is in effect the record of an important chapter in the history of thought. No serious student of logic or foundations of mathematics will want to be without it. Review of Metaphysics There can be no doubt that the book is a valuable contribution to the logical literature and that it will certainly spread the knowledge of mathematical logic and its history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. -- Andrzej Mostowski Synthese Reseña del editor The fundamental texts of the great classical period in modern logic some of them never before available in English translation are here gathered together for the first time. Modern logic heralded by Leibniz may be said to have been initiated by Boole De Morgan and Jevons but it was the publication in 1879 of Gottlob Frege's Begriffsschrift that opened a great epoch in the history of logic by presenting in full-fledged form the propositional calculus and quantification theory. Frege's book translated in its entirety begins the present volume. The emergence of two new fields set theory and foundations of mathematics on the borders of logic mathematics and philosophy is depicted by the texts that follow. Peano and Dedekind illustrate the trend that led to Principia Mathematica. Burali-Forti Cantor Russell Richard and Koenig mark the appearance of the modern paradoxes. Hilbert Russell and Zermelo show various ways of overcoming these paradoxes and initiate respectively proof theory the theory of types and axiomatic set theory. Skolem generalizes Loewenheim's theorem and heand Fraenkel amend Zermelo's axiomatization of set theory while von Neumann offers a somewhat different system. The controversy between Hubert and Brouwer during the twenties is presented in papers of theirs and in others by Weyl Bernays Ackermann and Kolmogorov. The volume concludes with papers by Herbrand and by Goedel including the latter's famous incompleteness paper. Of the forty-five contributions here collected all but five are presented in extenso. Those not originally written in English have been translated with exemplary care and exactness; the translators are themselves mathematical logicians as well as skilled interpreters of sometimes obscure texts. Each paper is introduced by a note that sets it in perspective explains its importance and points out difficulties in interpretation. Editorial comments and footnotes are interpolated where needed and an extensive bibliography is included. Biografía del autor Jean van Heijenoort well known in the fields of mathematical logic and foundations of mathematics is Professor of Philosophy at Brandeis University and has taught at New York and Columbia Universities.

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