A Primer of Genome Science

A Primer of Genome Science

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  • título:A Primer of Genome Science
  • Nombre del archivo: a-primer-of-genome-science.pdf
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN-10: 520276957
  • ISBN-13: 978-0520276956
  • Fecha de carga: 2020-01-15
  • Numero de paginas: 490 Seiten
  • Autor: Mark A. Matthews
  • Editorial: University of California Press (18 de marzo de 2016)


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Críticas Get ready to have some sacred cows of the wine trade -terroir anyone?- toppled. Wine School of Philadelphia Wine Gift Guide for 2015 A must-read for any wine grape grower or winemaker who has ever wrestled with the most important myths of winegrowing or debated them with colleagues-and that would be all of us! It is also a great read for any wine consumer interested in looking at 'the man behind the curtain' so to speak: the myths promoted by wine writers tasting room staff sommeliers and other wine gatekeepers. Wines & Vines I came away from reading Matthews' essay on terroir more thoroughly convinced than ever that the idea of 'terroir' is likely the most abused and often most useless word in the world of wine... 'Terroir and Other Myths of Winegrowing' is a book that is well worth reading particularly by those who work in the wine industry either in the vineyard in the cellar or in marketing. -- Tom Wark Fermentation:The Daily Wine Blog A meticulously researched volume that every serious sommelier should read ... if only to disagree. The Somm Journal Will force you to reconsider everything you know (or thought you knew) about winemaking... Compelling expertly researched and just may prove to be one of the most disruptive works of wine literature ever written. Terroirist Beautiful useful and highly entertaining. Journal of Wine Economics We should all read this book. We need to know what all the arguments are and be prepared especially when teaching or writing to offer both schools of thought. But what I'd most like is for this to pave the way for some meaty white-hot scientific debate. Subpoenas going out in the post. JancisRobinson.com Reseña del editor Wine is a traditional product with traditional explanations. Oft-romanticized Old World notions of how to create fine wine have been passed down through generations and continue to dominate popular discussions of wine quality. However many of these beliefs predate science and remain isolated from advances in the understanding of how crops grow and fruit ripens. Allegiance to them has frequently impeded open-minded investigation into how grapevines interact with the environment thus limiting innovation in winegrowing. In Terroir and Other Myths of Winegrowing Mark A. Matthews applies a scientist's skepticism and scrutiny to examine widely held beliefs about viticulture. Is terroir primarily a marketing ploy that obscures understanding of which environments really produce the best wine? Is reducing yield an imperative for high quality grapes and wine? What does it mean to have vines that are balanced or grapes that are physiologically mature? Matthews explores and dissects these and other questions to debunk the myths of winegrowing that may be holding us back from achieving a higher wine quality. Nota de la solapa “Mark Matthews’ quest to uncover the truth about our cherished beliefs about wine is provoking stimulating and full of fresh insights—read it and rethink your terroir!”—Markus Keller author of The Science of Grapevines “Matthews’ book flays or in some instances eviscerates common tenets of today’s viticulture and enology. This book should be required reading for all students of vine and wine whether researcher producer or pundit.”—Sara E. Spayd Professor/Extension Viticulturist at North Carolina State University Biografía del autor Mark A. Matthews is Professor of Viticulture at the Robert Mondavi Institute for Food and Wine Science at the University of California Davis.

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