Hombre en busca de sentido El(Tapa dura)

Hombre en busca de sentido El(Tapa dura)

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  • título:Hombre en busca de sentido El(Tapa dura)
  • Nombre del archivo: hombre-en-busca-de-sentido-el-tapa-dura.pdf
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN-10: 691171637
  • ISBN-13: 978-0691171630
  • Fecha de carga: 2020-01-15
  • Numero de paginas: 589 Seiten
  • Autor: Susan Mattern
  • Editorial: Princeton University Press (17 de septiembre de 2019)


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Críticas A celebration of menopause as a life stage vital to our species' survival but one that has now been trivialized as a disease to be treated. . . . A wise history of a subject that is 'deeply . . . implicated in the human condition.' * Kirkus Reviews * A brilliantly wide-ranging study of the menopause across the centuries . . . Mattern's remarkable book fits perfectly into this cultural moment.---Emma Rees Times Higher Education That menopause may enable a new role and stature for women is the central argument of The Slow Moon Climbs . . . . Mattern sees [menopause] as an opening-up.---Liza Mundy The Atlantic By historicizing menopause the syndrome and showing how the long lives of post-menopausal women may have been a crucial factor in the success of our species Mattern offers a counternarrative to the harridans and hags of our cultural consciousness.---Anna Reser Lady Science Mattern's book . . . makes a strong argument for embracing the menopause and treating its symptoms singly rather than bundling it into this female syndrome.---Kate Spicer The Telegraph The Slow Moon Climbs: The Science History and Meaning of Menopause surely could not have been published 50 or even 20 years ago.---Anne-Marie Slaughter Financial Times By viewing [menopause] through the lenses of anthropology evolutionary psychology sociology medicine and culture Mattern describes how our understanding of this biological rite of passage has itself evolved. [The Slow Moon Climbs] is also a polemic a plea to reject the medicalisation of menopause and its language of loss and deficiency. All of this makes it a refreshing and scholarly change from the mostly folksy self-help offerings in this genre.---Anjana Ahuja Financial Times Reseña del editor The first comprehensive look at menopause from prehistory to today Are the ways we look at menopause all wrong? Historian Susan Mattern says yes and The Slow Moon Climbs reveals just how wrong we have been. Taking readers from the rainforests of Paraguay to the streets of Tokyo Mattern draws on historical scientific and cultural research to reveal how our perceptions of menopause developed from prehistory to today. For most of human history people had no word for menopause and did not view it as a medical condition. Rather in traditional foraging and agrarian societies it was a transition to another important life stage. This book then introduces new ways of understanding life beyond fertility. Mattern examines the fascinating Grandmother Hypothesis-which argues for the importance of elders in the rearing of future generations-as well as other evolutionary theories that have generated surprising insights about menopause and the place of older people in society. She looks at agricultural communities where households relied on postreproductive women for the family's survival. And she explores the emergence of menopause as a medical condition in the Western world. It was only around 1700 that people began to see menopause as a dangerous pathological disorder linked to upsetting symptoms that rendered women weak and vulnerable. Mattern argues that menopause was another syndrome like hysterical suffocation or melancholia that emerged or reemerged in early modern Europe in tandem with the rise of a professional medical class. The Slow Moon Climbs casts menopause at last in the positive light it deserves-not only as an essential life stage but also as a key factor in the history of human flourishing. Biografía del autor Susan P. Mattern is Distinguished Research Professor of History at the University of Georgia. Her many books include The Prince of Medicine: Galen in the Roman Empire and Rome and the Enemy. She lives on a farm in Winterville Georgia.

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