Horse Anatomy Workbook: A Learning Aid for Students Based on Peter Goody's Classic Work Horse Anatomy (Allen Student)

Horse Anatomy Workbook: A Learning Aid for Students Based on Peter Goody's Classic Work Horse Anatomy (Allen Student)

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Críticas PRAISE FOR Biomolecular Crystallography: Over the past 34 years Louise and I have often discussed the possibility of updating [Protein Crystallography]....However this marvelous text by Bernhard Rupp provides everything that we could have done and more: indeed all that is required for the student of 2010. Biomolecular Crystallography is an impressive volume. Its 808 pages are beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated many in colour....This book will be an essential part of the library of any department that claims to make contributions to modern biology....[and] a necessary addition also to the libraries of big pharmaceutical companies and small biotechs. This is a book to be enjoyed by all who wish to become structural biologists. I am also sure that many practicing structural biologists - even some who consider themselves mature - would do well to read its pages. - Tom Blundell Journal of Applied Crystallography It is a masterpiece. It is the book which the MX community has been waiting for and it is an absolute must-have for everybody in the field. - Acta Crystallographica This is the book that molecular biologists and the crystallographic community have been waiting for. - Alexander McPherson University of California at Irvine USA 'Biomolecular Crystallography is first and foremost a comprehensive reference text and laboratory manual for the practicing structural biologist from the basics of biomolecular structure to modern advanced and powerful techniques in biomolecular structure determination and analysis and application of structural information. Figures and graphs computed from new and original data are used extensively to help clarify important concepts and derivations of all relevant mathematical and statistical principles―many of which have never been brought together in a single volume―are presented. This fulfils a long-felt need!' - Ian J. Tickle Astex Therapeutics Cambridge UK 'This thorough treatment of modern macromolecular X-ray crystallography combines a comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals with methodological details that are often omitted in introductory texts. It will be of value to anyone that works in macromolecular X-ray crystallography particularly to graduate students or postdoctoral fellows who are mastering the technique.' - Mark Wilson University of Nebraska USA 'Given the extraordinary progress in biomolecular crystallography the challenge of providing a comprehensive and authoritative overview starting from first principles is formidable. Dr Rupp has however succeeded admirably.' - Brian Matthews University of Oregon USA     Reseña del editor Synthesizing over thirty years of advances into a comprehensive textbook Biomolecular Crystallography describes the fundamentals practices and applications of protein crystallography.  Deftly illustrated in full-color by the author the text describes mathematical and physical concepts in accessible and accurate language. It distills key concepts for understanding the practice and analysis of protein crystal structures and contains examples of biologically-relevant molecules complexes and drug target structures. Biomolecular Crystallography will be a valuable resource for advanced undergraduate and graduate students and practitioners in structural biology crystallography and structural bioinformatics. Biografía del autor Bernhard Rupp is the CEO and founder of q.e.d. life science discoveries in California. Dr. Rupp established the protein drug target crystallography group at the University of California Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 1993 and expanded it into high throughput crystallization and structural genomics with focus on drug target structures and structure guided drug discovery. He was also a founding member of TB Structural Genomics Consortium. Dr. Rupp is a consultant for several US biotech ventures universities and instrument manufacturers. He is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences Committee for Crystallography and NAS Keck Futures Initiatives panel. Dr. Rupp lectures regularly at NSF sponsored workshops on Biomolecular Crystallography and at the EMBO PEPC workshops on protein expression

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