Vida de veterinaria: Un libro de colorear para veterinarios

Vida de veterinaria: Un libro de colorear para veterinarios

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Críticas Thomas Cowan MD is a gifted physician and scientist. He is also a man of integrity who sticks his neck out for the truth. In addition he has the talent for making complex and urgent topics easy to read and understand for the intelligent layperson. He has accomplished this with his book Human Heart Cosmic Heart the best book out there on holistically healing cardiovascular diseases. Now he has done it again with Vaccines Autoimmunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness. Vaccination has been a controversial topic for decades with informed parents around the world having to struggle with regulatory authorities and doctors over the necessity and effectiveness of vaccination to prevent childhood diseases. Now Dr. Cowan comes out with a powerful book giving a clear scientific voice to the intuition of many parents regarding the dangers of vaccination. Tamper with our immune system through one-sided interventions and pay a tragic price. This book is a global wake-up call to defend against those who would destroy it the awesome wisdom of the human body to wage its own battle against the myriad diseases that seek to overcome our internal defense system. This book will have a profound beneficial impact on human health around the world in the years and decades to come. It is a courageous and pioneering work worthy of admiration and support.--Nicanor Perlas recipient Right Livelihood Award We westerners must wake up to the fact that vaccination is driving our modern epidemics of autism dementia autoimmunity and allergies. In Vaccines Autoimmunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness Dr. Thomas Cowan whistle-blows on Big Pharma and the medical profession. Quite rightly too. Human misery aside these diseases are debilitatingly expensive. Autism usually results in care for life. The arguments Dr. Cowan makes are not only biologically plausible but are based in good science. He states what for many is the obvious: we must learn to live within the laws of nature not fight against them as if they were some evil force. Evolution has the answers! We have lived with microorganisms for millions of years and many confer significant survival benefits. Cowan details this with devastating logic. Childhood infections such as chickenpox and measles are desirable; they program the immune system in such a way as to protect us from disease later in life. This book gives parents the intellectual ammunition they need to fight back against the pro-vaccine medical establishment. They clearly need such. I have seen parents driven by fear into vaccinating their children entirely against their parental instincts. By not vaccinating Cowan shows us how children can be protected from allergy autoimmunity attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder asthma and autism. This book is essential reading for all concerned with the health of the next generation.--Dr. Sarah Myhill author of Sustainable Medicine and Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis Tom Cowan's Vaccines Autoimmunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness is both brilliant and beautifully simple. He shares facts not taught in medical school that reflect ancient wisdom common sense and trust in the intelligence of life itself. Understanding the role of childhood illnesses such as chickenpox and measles is critical to our survival as a species. Tom does an outstanding job of connecting the dots and giving reason to what is often misunderstood!--Cilla Whatcott producer of the film Real Immunity; author of There is a Choice Dr. Cowan does a great job explaining in clear and common-sense terms that the practice and the rationale of vaccination is deeply flawed and astoundingly is not evidence-based but rather fear-based. The vaccine paradigm is upheld by the consensus but the consensus in not based on a free and unbiased reading of all the evidence rather only on a small part of it while much is ignored. Dr. Cowan contributes greatly to a much-needed correction of this misleading and misled consensus.--Philip Incao MD advisor Physicians for Informed Consent I would like to thank Dr. Tom Cowan for writing this book! Humanity seems to have forgotten that human body is part of nature; the further we move away from nature the sicker we become and it is our children who pay the heaviest price for what modern civilization is doing to our environment and our bodies. This book will make the reader think. I warmly recommend it!--Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome Dr. Tom Cowan has created an entertaining compelling and readily accessible book explaining the risks involved in today's overaggressive vaccination campaign. I particularly appreciate his emphasis on the risks to autoimmune disease inherent in antibody induction through vaccines. This book is a great addition to the growing body of literature revealing why vaccination is not the best strategy for protection against infectious diseases.--Stephanie Seneff senior research scientist MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory As a pediatrician for thirty-five years I have seen the enormous rise in autoimmune diseases like asthma allergies eczema and autism. We no longer need to scratch our heads wondering why because the reasons are clear. In Vaccines Autoimmunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness Dr. Cowan intelligently educates us on the complicated and beautiful workings of our immune system clearly explains how and why its malfunction is harming us and elucidates why our precious children are so vulnerable to these diseases. Most importantly perhaps Dr. Cowan charts the clear concise path to healing offering a better healthier life for us our children and the planet.--Lindy Woodard MD Pediatric Alternatives Reseña del editor Over the past 50 years rates of chronic illness learning disabilities and allergies in children have exploded 1 in 6 children has a diagnosed learning disorder 1 in 50 has autism and 1 in 13 has severe food allergies. Instead of blaming genetics or increased awareness and diagnosis author Thomas Cowan MD attributes these rising numbers to our current vaccination policy. In Vaccines Auto-Immunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness Cowan combines his years of experience as a medical practitioner with his research into the history and science of vaccines to show how childhood illnesses which help children to develop a robust immune system are now eschewed by conventional medicine in favor of an increasing array of vaccinations that do more harm than good. Invoking philosopher Rudolph Steiner s vision of vaccines as inspired by spirits of darkness Cowan brings to light the various ways in which scientists and government officials work to promote a vaccine program that only increases suffering. Along the way he questions commonly held views of cell biology the role of water in the body and the spatial and spiritual components of autism. Additionally he provides hope of recovery in the form of a nontoxic course of treatment for those suffering chronic inflammation and other averse immune responses to vaccines. Cowan s thoughtfully bold writing takes us on a journey into the history of illness questioning the true origins of diseases such as polio and asking important questions such as: why did paralytic polio make a sudden appearance in the US in the years between 1916-1918? The answers lie far beyond what conventional medicine would have us believe. Vaccines Auto-Immunity and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness asks that we re-examine not only our modern health system but our relationship with the spiritual world. Only then will we find true health. Biografía del autor Thomas Cowan MD has studied and written about many subjects in medicine including nutrition homeopathy anthroposophical medicine and herbal medicine. He is the principal author of The Fourfold Path to Healing and co-author (with Sally Fallon) of The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care. Dr. Cowan has served as vice president of the Physicians Association for Anthroposophic Medicine and is a founding board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. He also writes the Ask the Doctor column in Wise Traditions in Food Farming and the Healing Arts (the Weston A. Price Foundation s quarterly magazine) and has lectured throughout the United States and Canada. He has three grown children and currently practices medicine in San Francisco where he resides with his wife Lynda Smith.

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