Epidemiology: Study Design and Data Analysis Third Edition (Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science) (English Edition)

Epidemiology: Study Design and Data Analysis Third Edition (Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science) (English Edition)

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Críticas Essential reference for those involved in the preparation or clinical use of injectable drugs Sinthcies bthoeokpubolviceartio3n0 oyfeatrhse afgirost ewdeitlilonoveorf 110000 copies in print and CD-ROM forms have been sold. It is the most popular reference of its kind trusted by pharmacists and other healthcare professionals across the \vorld. The 'Handbook on injectable drugs' has been widely recognised as the authority on injectable drug information. No other drug reference examines parenteral drug srabiliry and compatibility in such detail. The 13th edition continues the tradition of offering health care professionals the most comprehensive source of information. This edition has been completely updated. It contains 339 monographs including 13 new monographs on drugs commercially available in the US and in other countries. The new monographs are anidulafungin aripiprazole atosiban acetate bortezimib caspofimgin acetate levothyronine sodium micafimgin sodium nesiritide pralidoxime chloride tetracaine hydrochloride tigecycline voriconazole and ziconatide acetate. The book is designed for ease of use in clinical situations. Monographs are listed alphabetically by non-proprietary name. The names of the drugs follow the style of the 'USP Dictionary of Drug Names'. American Hospital Formulary Service (AHFS) Drug Information reference codes are conveniently located at the top of each monograph to refer the reader to more detailed information. The sources of information are accumulated from 2723 references including 100 new to this edition. The references are based principally on laboratory research but also include observations from practice when the observations can be verified . The presentation style and format of the text portions were revised and standardised in the 12th edition and this style has continued through to the 13th edition. Compatibility information is organised in easy-to-follow sections. The tables of compatibility tor the subject drug in infusion solutions and with other drugs in admL\:rures syringes and during simultaneous administration through manifolds and Ysites are arranged by category. The section on products lists the sizes strengths volumes and pharmaceutical forms along with the other components of the tormulation and instructions for reconstitution. The pH and the osmotic value of the resultant solutions are aho presented along with miscellaneous information such as sodium ·content.The aim of this book has remained unchanged over the years: to organise and summarise in a concise and standardised format the results of the primary research into drug stability and compatibility and to facilitate the use of parenteral drugs in clinical practice for the benefit of patients. This edition like the previous 1-1achieves this aim. It is an essential reference source for those professionals invoh- ed in the preparation or clinical use of injectable drugs. Tens of thousands of copies of the 'Handbook on injectable drugs' have been sold in its 30-year history. It has stood the test of time. Long may it continue. --The Pharmaceutical Journal (Vol 282) 7 March 2009 Reseña del editor Since the publication of its first edition The Handbook on Injectable Drugs edited by Lawrence A. Trissel has sold well over 10000 copies in print and CD-ROM format for single users and networks. It is the most popular reference of its kind trusted by pharmacists and other health care professionals throughout the world.Take the fastest route to check compatibility and stability. ASHP's Handbook on Injectable Drugs[registered] has provided health care professionals with the most comprehensive source of injectable drug information for 30 years. No other drug reference examines parenteral drug stability and compatibility in such extensive detail. With the Handbook on Injectable Drugs[registered] 15th Edition you'll be able to: quickly find data on 359 drugs; cross-reference monographs with AHFS Drug Information; check how to prepare store and administer drugs; and search information accumulated from 2723 references 100 new to this edition.You'll appreciate the convenience of the new interactive CD-ROM edition as you: access the complete Handbook on Injectable Drugs 15th Edition; screen up to five drugs/solutions for compatibility simultaneously; search concise table summaries of compatibility results; and access original research through PubMed.

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