Taerith: A Novel (The Romany Epistles) (English Edition)

Taerith: A Novel (The Romany Epistles) (English Edition)

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A “devastatingly beautiful” Christian fantasy tale of adventure faith loss and love. When he rescues a young woman named Lilia from bandits Taerith Romany is caught in a web of loyalties: Lilia is the future queen of a spoiled king and though Taerith is not allowed to love her neither he can bring himself to leave her without a friend. Their lives soon intertwine with the fiercely proud slave girl Mirian whose tragic past and wild beauty make her the target of the king’s unscrupulous brother.In a land of fog and fens unicorns and wild men Taerith stands at the crossroads of good and evil where men are vanquished by their own obsessions or saved by faith in higher things. The king’s rule is only a knife’s edge from slipping—and when it does all three will be put to the ultimate test. TAERITH is a Christian fantasy adventure in the world of the Romany Epistles. If you love lyrical writing unforgettable characters full of faith and inspirational fiction that confronts darkness reveals breathtaking beauty and moves your heart to connect more deeply with God this book is for you.Download TAERITH and begin the journey now!Life-Changing Inspirational Christian Fiction: From the AuthorHey my name is Rachel Starr Thomson. I love Jesus and believe wholeheartedly in the power of fiction to change our lives. While nonfiction may teach us something fiction allows us to experience it. When we’re experiencing truth beauty struggle and triumph we find our lives enriched and deepened by what we read.That’s why I write. I want my readers to discover depths of truth about themselves about the world and about God that stretch and inspire them. My stories are always clean but I don’t shy away from hard questions and honest characters.Whoever you are I believe in you. I believe your life has immeasurable worth. I believe you were personally handcrafted by a loving Creator with a vision and purpose for your life. I believe your struggles your dreams and your hurts matter. I believe you walk a path no one else does one that is intended to benefit the world.I hope you’ll enjoy what you read and come back for more. Most of all I hope that through my stories you’ll forge a new depth of connection with the God who truly loves you.Genre-Bending Christian Fiction: Biblical Historical Suspense Fantasy Paranormal Visionary—Always Lyrical Always Christian Always Changing the GameReaders would be forgiven for asking what genre exactly Rachel Starr Thomson writes. Her work is described as spiritual visionary biblical fantasy—and literary poetic and anchored in the real world. Always a clean read her books are suitable for teens but have the depth beauty and characterization to keep adults riveted.They include:The Seventh World Trilogy (Worlds Unseen Burning Light Coming Day): Classic Christian fantasy in the style of C.S. Lewis. Great for teens & all readers of inspirational fiction.The Prophet Trilogy (Abaddon’s Eve Comes the Dragon Beloved): Best described as biblical historical fantasy. Set in a world based on ancient Israel these books follow four believers in a time when judgment is coming.The Oneness Cycle (Exile Hive Attack Renegade Rise): Readers call them spiritual warfare fiction. They’re Christian urban fantasy paranormal suspense novels—but they’re also real world in their impact. If you’ve ever wondered about your place in the battle of good vs evil this series is the place to start. Warning: These novels will challenge your perception of the world. Not for the faint of heart!And standalone novels including TAERITH ANGEL IN THE WOODS LADY MOON & more …Begin the journey today with TAERITH—buy now.

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