CHESS IN THE WILDERNESS: A clean gripping thriller suspense for teens and older children (The de Wolff Adventure Series)

CHESS IN THE WILDERNESS: A clean gripping thriller suspense for teens and older children (The de Wolff Adventure Series)

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Reseña del editor A fast-paced rollercoaster thriller for older children and teenagers set in the Canadian Rocky Mountains which picks up the action where The Vaults of the Titanic left off. Reading the first installment may enhance the experience but it's not a prerequisite. This book reads like the storyboard of an action movie and will draw in both avid and reluctant readers aged 10-15. A revenge-seeking criminal. A wild chess game. A plane crash. An unforgiving wilderness. Bears. Dangerous caves. Criminal gangsters watching every move intently. Willem de Wolff the Dutch world-renowned history professor and his wife and children are taken hostage and forced to play a life and death game of chess. They must counteract before they are taken out one by one. A relentless and determined fight for survival that tests the family bond. Mortimer flees from his criminal hideout in Ungava Bay and narrowly survives a gruelling journey through the wilderness. His plans having been sabotaged and his operations hideout exposed Mortimer is eager to have the de Wolffs and Andy Howard pay back in equal measure. His growing anger towards them leads him to concoct an evil plan to lure the professor and his family to the rugged north-west of Canada. As a keen chess player he leaves nothing to chance. Using a plane crash the unforgiving wilderness bears dangerous caves as well as criminal gangsters to keep an eye on them his hostages become pieces in a life and death game of chess. Will the pawns be able to defeat the gangster king before they are taken out one by one? The ever-present tension and action narrated in present tense will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Plot twists wildly entertaining chases lack of vulgarity well rounded role model characters make Bert E. Wiseman’s books popular among young people and parents Christian and secular audiences alike.About the series:The de Wolff Adventure Series portrays an apparently ordinary family who could easily be your next door neighbours. Professor Willem de Wolff is a world renowned Dutch historian and academic often sought out for his expertise. He is married to Elise and they have three teenage children — Bob Eric and Jessica. Together they travel the world as the professor gets invited to take part in expeditions sometimes to retrieve artefacts of great value. These trips are not without danger as the valuables the professor is entrusted with tend to catch the attention of criminal networks. More often than not what starts off as a working expedition for de Wolff and a holiday for the rest of the family turns into a gripping and fast-paced adventure as they become embroiled in the schemes of unscrupulous people and must fight for survival.          Although occasionally the reading experience may be enhanced by reading previous installments all of the books in the series make great standalone reads.Bert’s fans are typically in the range of 10-16 years of age and often parents get hooked on the series themselves.

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