Advanced Nursing Practice and Nurse-led Clinics in Oncology

Advanced Nursing Practice and Nurse-led Clinics in Oncology

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Críticas While graphic medicine is still emerging as a communication tool this book embodies the true essence of graphic medicine and could serve as an exemplar for future publications of this kind.-Janice Phillips Doody's Review Service Czerwiec's work here serves as a valuable reflection on and historical portrait of the AIDS hysteria of the eighties and nineties in America. Combining her memories of that era with her contemporary perspective shows and makes it seem unbelievable that a group of people suffered so greatly because of their outsider status as patients with a transmittable incurable deadly disease. Taking Turns shows us the cost.-The Oral History Review Whatever role we play in the health care system this moving memoir reminds us to look beyond our institutional affiliations and find our place in the wider human community.-JAMA Taking Turns is an important work that takes the field of graphic medicine in new directions both in terms of its object-the philosophy and practices of a clinical unit dedicated to the care of people with AIDS in a particular place and historical moment-and its approach-drawing on the comic artist's own experience as a nurse on the unit as well as her interviews with other practitioners and patients.-Lisa Diedrich author of Indirect Action: Schizophrenia Epilepsy AIDS and the Course of Health Activism Taking Turns bears important witness to a specific moment in the history of HIV/AIDS through the testimony of caregivers patients and volunteers. MK Czerwiec's story also issues a gracious challenge: knowing that we all live in vulnerable bodies knowing that we will all 'take turns' needing others and being needed how can we make this one life we have meaningful? This luminous graphic novel models how we can start: through creativity community generosity and vulnerability.-Ann Fox Davidson College Czerwiec . . . does much more than just provide younger readers with a history lesson. For example she thoughtfully explores what it means to be a healthcare provider. Czerwiec also explores the role of boundaries between healthcare providers and their patients and the need for empathy. These topics I believe would resonate with and be useful to students interested in medical or allied health careers. Instructors can use the book as a way to begin these conversations.-David R. Wessner Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education Czerwiec's role as a writer and illustrator of graphic medicine texts as well as one of the primary theorists and advocates of the genre means that this her first single-author entry into the form she helped establish is like its author doing the work of defining and practicing this new and compelling literary and artistic form.-Ajuan Mance Women's Review of Books The author's deft handling of the multiplicity of relationships involved in patient care is the strength of the book and they are all represented throughout the narrative. Czerwiec does an excellent job of showing how Unit 371's commitment to care facilitated a depth of intimacy between provider and patient not often found in today's productivity-driven medical care.-Dr. Devlyn McCreight Graphic Medicine Among the takeaways one has after reading MK Czerwiec's graphic novel Taking Turns is that even in the form of sequential art the story of the early days of the HIV epidemic is a visceral and heart wrenching experience.-Savas Abadsidis Advocate / HIV Plus Taking Turns chronicles [Czerwiec's] experiences on the evening shift at Unit 371 with patients and other caregivers often told through voices other than her own some of the stories funny some very touching especially the stories about patients with whom she became close before they died.-Hank Trout AU Magazine: America's AIDS Magazine For health care providers the years that followed [the first official reporting of what would become the AIDS epidemic] were a time of tremendous loss requiring a new type of caregiving in the face of a disease with no cure. MK Czerwiec a nurse and the artist-in-residence at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine captures this tragic time with great reverence and attention to detail.-Jessica Bylander Health Affairs The emotional honesty of the comic book is quintessential to the visceral experience of Taking Turns-funny terrifying and heartbreaking. As much as it informs the reader about the devastation of HIV/AIDS the book allows the reader to see the disease through the eyes of a person who is literally on the front lines.-Gretchen Rachel Hammond Windy City Times With first-person perspectives simple line-drawings and straight-forward language the reader is able to place themselves within this important time of medical history and absorb what occurred and in this sense it does not only [prompt] the reader to empathise with HIV/AIDS patients but with the health professional narrator making a contribution to 'the cultural role of graphic medicine as critique of the medical profession.' It is not likely that one will ever cry with such empathy over a medical scientific publication but far more likely that one will be brought to tears over four panels on a page in Czerwiec's book.-Adrian Bussone The Comics Grid [Czerwiec's] chronicle reminds us that the era was marked as much by courage and compassion as it was by the tragedy of lives lost too soon.-Gordon Flagg Booklist With simple even amateur panels and wise words Czerwiec reveals a hospital at the heart of the AIDS crisis. Working as a nurse on a unit for AIDS patients she and her colleagues helped patients die celebrated life and strove to combat the poorly understood disease. Cathartic and clinical often simultaneously.-Emilia Packard Library Journal Rather than the usual medical tales of professional-minded strangers treating faceless victims Czerwiec's vignettes become about bonding intimately over suffering and death watching the community be decimated at the same time as mutual nursing was building connections. Some of the pages are heart-wrenching and the story has the potential to be supremely depressing but Czerwiec wrings hope from the honesty of her simple cheerful cartooning style.-Publishers Weekly MK Czerwiec's tales of her nursing work on an AIDS unit chart a remarkable episode in the history of medicine. It's a time of staggering loss but also remarkable change. Through the lives and deaths of individual patients written and drawn in documentary detail we see the power dynamic between doctor and patient begin to shift. When cure is not an option care takes on a new meaning.-Alison Bechdel author of Fun Home Reseña del editor In 1994 at the height of the AIDS epidemic in the United States MK Czerwiec took her first nursing job at Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago as part of the caregiving staff of HIV/AIDS Care Unit 371. Taking Turns pulls back the curtain on life in the ward. A shining example of excellence in the treatment and care of patients Unit 371 was a community for thousands of patients and families affected by HIV and AIDS and the people who cared for them. This graphic novel combines Czerwiec's memories with the oral histories of patients family members and staff. It depicts life and death in the ward the ways the unit affected and informed those who passed through it and how many look back on their time there today. Czerwiec joined Unit 371 at a pivotal time in the history of AIDS: deaths from the syndrome in the Midwest peaked in 1995 and then dropped drastically in the following years with the release of antiretroviral protease inhibitors. This positive turn of events led to a decline in patient populations and ultimately to the closure of Unit 371. Czerwiec's restrained inviting drawing style and carefully considered narrative examine individual institutional and community responses to the AIDS epidemic-as well as the role that art can play in the grieving process. Deeply personal yet made up of many voices this history of daily life in a unique AIDS care unit is an open honest look at suffering grief and hope among a community of medical professionals and patients at the heart of the epidemic. Biografía del autor MK Czerwiec is a nurse who uses comics to contemplate the complexities of illness and caregiving. She is the artist-in-residence at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine co-curator of and co-author of Graphic Medicine Manifesto (Penn State 2015).

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