White Teeth Done Easy: Professional Advice for Dental and Natural Teeth Whitening (English Edition)

White Teeth Done Easy: Professional Advice for Dental and Natural Teeth Whitening (English Edition)

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Críticas A gem of a book.the best book on a major vitamin anywhere.Dr. Papas has written a gem of a book packed with fascinating facts and advice on how to use vitamin E to save your life and improve your health. I have never seen a better book on a major vitamin anywhere. -- Jean Carper author of Miracle Cures Stop Aging Now! Food Your Miracle Medicine and The Food Pharmacy It is too early to conclude that vitamin E has all the beneficial effects attributed to it but even if only 25% of current expectations were to be fulfilled vitamin E would become an important weapon against a range of chronic diseases. The book is not simply scientific and education but also a please to read.-- Dimitrios Trichopoulos MD Vincent L. Gregory Professor of Cancer Prevention and Professor of EpidemiologyI can only most heartily recommend finding the time to read it....Practicing physicians who have to deal with nutritional problems related to diseases such as diabetes and atherosclerosis should find this book particularly useful as a quick reference source.-- Marvin L. Bierenbaum M.D. Director Kenneth L. Jordan Heart Foundation and Research We heartily recommend Dr. Papas' book to all of our nutritionally savvy listeners. Cardiology will take notice as the use of tocotrienols is destined to have a positive effect for all patients who wish to prevent and treat heart disease.-- Deborah A. Ray M.T. (ASCP) and Donald J. Carrow M.D. hosts of Here's To Your Health Dr. Papas has been a leader in the field of antioxidants and Vitamin E specifically over the past two decades. As a scientist he knows the real stuff concerning antioxidants. He has a unique gift of being able to takevery complex scientific information and express it in ways that can be very understanding to the general reader who is interested in the current information around nutrition and antioxidants. The Vitamin E Factor is a book that should be on the bookshelves of all individuals who are nutrition savvy and interested in using the best of the latest scientific information to improve their health and that of their loved ones. The Vitamin E Factor talks about the extraordinary progress that has been made over the past three decades and the understanding of vitamin E specifically and other antioxidants that influence the prevention against age related diseases. I strongly recommend The Vitamin E Factor as a trusted resource in implementing a health protection program using antioxidant nutrition as a part of the program.-- Jeffrey S. Bland Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer of HealthComm International Inc. ...excellent reference book for all scientific questions in connection with vitamin E and which an interested lay personmight be eager to know more about.Thanks to the bibliography detailed in every chapter it is quite easy for the interested reader to become more engagedin the in-depth scientific aspects of the vitamin E factor. Additionally all this makes Andreas M. Papas' book a kind ofencyclopedia for people with an interest in the vitamin E research.-- Dr. Juergen Reimann Chairman Hermes Institute for Health Research Munich GermanyThe Vitamin E Factor has a very valuable scientific content presented with the lightness of a fairy-tale. It covers in a comprehensive way the most modern areas of research on vitamin E from the basic science to applied nutrition. However it isnever confusing since its graphic presentation allows the readers to choose and capture what is interesting to them. I recommend the book to my colleagues to all my students and also to my family.-- Angelo Azzi Ph.D. Professor and Director Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University of BernThe Vitamin E Factor is wonderful because it teaches people at all levels. As a doctor I learned so much from this book. Dr. Papas makes the biochemistry practical and sensible. Yet my patients enjoy it too. They can now easily understand why vitamin E works and how to read vitamin labels and evaluate different vitamin E products. There is also a wonderful chapter about the nature of scientific investigation and the burden of proof that will be enlightening to everyone. Highly recommended! -- Daniel Cosgrove M.D. Director WellMax Clinic Palm Springs CA ...an excellent job. The book is easy to read and entertaining and supported by extensive literature. It will be useful not only for the general public but also for anyone interested in the role of vitamin E in health and nutrition.-- Nesrin Kartal Ozer Ph.D. Professor of Biochemistry Faculty of Medicine Marmara University Istanbul Turkey Dr. Papas is more qualified than any one else to write about The Vitamin E Factor having been personally involved in many of the recent studies. Physicians nutritionists dietitians the informed public and persons in marketing will find the book most informative.-- Artemis P. Simopoulos M.D. President The Center for Genetics Nutrition and Health ...a very readable comprehensive and practical book on vitamin E that does not compromise on scientific facts. Anyoneinterested in understanding the practical health benefits of vitamin E (and antioxidants in general) should read this book.-- Bill Stone Ph.D. Professor of Pediatric Research East Tennessee State University Reseña del editor A leading authority reveals the cutting-edge research of Vitamin E in the prevention of heart disease cancer and the treatment of AIDS as well as its multifaceted healing powers and astonishing effects in enhancing healthful living. Original. Biografía del autor Andreas M. Papas Ph.D. is a senior technical associate at Eastman Chemical Company and adjunct professor at the James Quillen College of Medicine at East Tennessee State University. He has extensive experience in antioxidant and vitamin E research and has edited the widely accliamed scientific book Anitoxidant Status Diet Nutrition and Health.

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