Periodontal Diseases: A Manual of Diagnosis Treatment and Maintenance

Periodontal Diseases: A Manual of Diagnosis Treatment and Maintenance

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Pick up a women’s magazine an AARP publication or even your daily newspaperand you’re likely to read something about dental health or dental surgery specificallyperiodontics and dental implants. Most of these information sources seem to focuson how your mouth looks and not necessarily on how healthy your teeth are. Withmore and more information focusing on the cosmetic aspects of dentistry we believeit is time to provide consumers with the facts—all of them—from a reliable source.If you are confused about your options or just want to learn more this book is for you.When it comes to obtaining the best care for your mouth you want to make theright choices. Choosing a dentist to perform your oral surgery is not a simple task.There are many different dental specialties and these specialties overlap so how areyou to choose?That is why we have written this book—to help answer the many questions you mayhave. Anyone considering dental surgery should know what to expect from start tofinish including consultation anesthesia options financing options surgery postoperative appointments and follow-up home care. As practicing periodontists wewill give you an insider’s look into everything you need to know before you schedule your surgery.

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