L’erreur médicale le burn-out et le soignant (Progrès en sécurité des soins)

L’erreur médicale le burn-out et le soignant (Progrès en sécurité des soins)

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Críticas The biggest threat to America's prosperity and even its solvency is the mismatch between the amazingly and increasingly competent science of medicine and the amazingly and increasingly incompetent pricing and allocation of it. Now come Silver and Hyman to frighten us with the facts and to point to ways the biggest player in the health care game--the government--can stop making matters worse.--George F. Will syndicated columnist for The Washington PostAs CEO of Whole Foods which spent more than $250 million on health care for our team members last year I thought I knew how inefficient health care was. Overcharged opened my eyes to how truly dysfunctional America's health care system has become. This is not capitalism. Capitalism forces me to spend every day trying to provide greater value at a lower price. Silver and Hyman show that health care does not work that way--not because health care is special but because Americans have let government and insurers control our health care dollars and more of the same will only make things worse. Change will come but only when consumers control their health care dollars and begin exerting massive pressure from below.--John Mackey Reseña del editor The purpose of the system we use to pay for medical services is to move the largest possible number of dollars into the health care sector so that is what it does. American health care is expensive by design. Biografía del autor David A. Hyman is an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute and the H. Ross and Helen Workman Chair in Law and Professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois where he directs the Epstein Program in Health Law and Policy. Hyman has been a member of the American Law Institute since 2000 and serves on the editorial board of the American Journal of Law & Medicine.Charles Silver holds the Roy W. and Eugenia C. McDonald Endowed Chair in Civil Procedure at the School of Law at the University of Texas at Austin. He has published widely in law reviews and peer-reviewed journals.

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