Lecciones y Materiales para el Estudio del Derecho Administrativo. Tomo III: La Actividad de las Administraciones Públicas. Volumen II. El Contenido (Manuales (iustel))

Lecciones y Materiales para  el Estudio del Derecho Administrativo. Tomo III: La Actividad de las Administraciones Públicas. Volumen II. El Contenido (Manuales (iustel))

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Críticas This excellent biography is the first of its kind.---L'Evenement du Jeudi.---I read it like a novel a novel written in captivating style and with a seeming infinite love for its hero - a novel distinguished by its meticulous care for details and full of trustworthy information taken from manuscripts and printed sources... It is more than a translation: with the author's help some additions have been made some points clarified.---Annemarie Schimmel Journal of Islamic Studies.---The first serious biography of the most influential figure in the history of Islamic mysticism. It is based on an enormous amount of documentary evidence... In his voluminous writings Ibn `Arabi recounted his visionary experiences his journeys real and imaginary and his meetings with other mystics both alive and dead.---TLS. Reseña del editor Claude Addas' Quest for the Red Sulphur: The Life of Ibn Arabi is the first work of its kind: a comprehensive overview of the life and works of Ibn Arabi known to some as Shaykh al-Akbar the `Greatest of Sufi Masters'. Until recently anyone who wanted to learn about the life of Ibn Arabi has had little choice of material to work from. Quest for the Red Sulphur by Claude Addas has helped to fill in this gap by basing itself on a detailed analysis of a whole range of Ibn Arabi's own writings as well as a vast amount of secondary literature in both Arabic and Persian. The result is the first-ever attempt to reconstruct what proves to have been a double itinerary: on the one hand the journey that took Ibn Arabi from his native Andalusia to Damascus-and on the other hand the `Night Journey' which carried him along the paths of asceticism and prayer to the ultimate stage of revelation of his mystic quest. Quest for the Red Sulphur is undoubtedly a landmark in Ibn Arabi studies and its author's gift of narrative allied to a consummate understanding of the subject make this volume compulsory reading for anyone interested in Islamic mysticism. Biografía del autor Claude Addas is a scholar of Ibn Arabi and the author of Ibn Arabi: The Voyage of No Return published by the Islamic Texts Society.

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