Manual de carpintería y ebanistería: guía práctica para la formación profesional

Manual de carpintería y ebanistería: guía práctica para la formación profesional

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Críticas Indispensable for text processing wizards and regex newcomers alike. - Paul Hudson Linux Format February 2007 In addition to the sheer volume of information one thing that sets this book apart is that the author uses real-world rather than contrived examples. A few of the examples were situations that I have yet to come across but many were either been there done that or things that I had to go out and try. - James Mohr Linux Magazine April 2007 Reseña del editor Regular expressions are an extremely powerful tool for manipulating text and data. They are now standard features in a wide range of languages and popular tools including Perl Python Ruby Java VB.NET and C# (and any language using the .NET Framework) PHP and MySQL.If you don't use regular expressions yet you will discover in this book a whole new world of mastery over your data. If you already use them you'll appreciate this book's unprecedented detail and breadth of coverage. If you think you know all you need to know about regularexpressions this book is a stunning eye-opener.As this book shows a command of regular expressions is an invaluable skill. Regular expressions allow you to code complex and subtle text processing that you never imagined could be automated. Regular expressions can save you time and aggravation. They can be used to craft elegant solutions to a wide range of problems. Once you've mastered regular expressions they'll become an invaluable part of your toolkit. You will wonder how you ever got by without them.Yet despite their wide availability flexibility and unparalleled power regular expressions are frequently underutilized. Yet what is power in the hands of an expert can be fraught with peril for the unwary. Mastering Regular Expressions will help you navigate the minefield to becoming an expert and help you optimize your use of regular expressions. Mastering Regular Expressions Third Edition now includes a full chapter devoted to PHP and its powerful and expressive suite of regular expression functions in addition to enhanced PHP coverage in the central core chapters. Furthermore this edition has been updated throughout to reflect advances in other languages including expanded in-depth coverage of Sun's java.util.regex package which has emerged as the standard Java regex implementation.Topics include:A comparison of features among different versions of many languages and toolsHow the regular expression engine worksOptimization (major savings available here!)Matching just what you want but not what you don't wantSections and chapters on individual languagesWritten in the lucid entertaining tone that makes a complex dry topic become crystal-clear to programmers and sprinkled with solutions to complex real-world problems Mastering Regular Expressions Third Edition offers a wealth information that you can put to immediateuse.Reviews of this new edition and the second edition:There isn't a better (or more useful) book available on regular expressions.--Zak Greant Managing Director eZ SystemsA real tour-de-force of a book which not only covers the mechanics of regexes in extraordinary detail but also talks about efficiency and the use of regexes in Perl Java and .NET...If you use regular expressions as part of your professional work (even if you already have a good book on whatever language you're programming in) I would strongly recommend this book to you.--Dr. Chris Brown Linux FormatThe author does an outstanding job leading the reader from regexnovice to master. The book is extremely easy to read and chock full ofuseful and relevant examples...Regular expressions are valuable toolsthat every developer should have in their toolbox. Mastering RegularExpressions is the definitive guide to the subject and an outstandingresource that belongs on every programmer's bookshelf. Ten out of TenHorseshoes.--Jason Menard Java Ranch Biografía del autor Jeffrey Friedl was raised in the countryside of Rootstown Ohio and had aspirations of being an astronomer until one day he noticed a TRS-80 Model I sitting unused in the corner of the chem lab (bristling with a full 16K of RAM no less). He eventually began using Unix (and regular expressions) in 1980 and earned degrees in Computer Science from Kent (BS) and the University of New Hampshire (MS). He did kernel development for Omron Corporation in Kyoto Japan for eight years before moving in 1997 to Silicon Valley to apply his regular-expression know-how to financial news and data for a little-known company called Yahoo!When faced with the daunting task of filling his copious free time Jeffrey enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and basketball with friends at Yahoo! programming his house and feeding the squirrels and jays in his back yard. He also enjoys spending time with his wife Fumie and preparing for the Fall 2002 release of their first software project together.

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