How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking Change Your Life

How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking Change Your Life

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Críticas ...highly readable and comprehensive overview of public relations in the age of social media...For PR professionals who want to join the ranks of the great trendspotters Salzman's latest is a must-have. --Soundview Salzman applies the term and walks the 'agile' walk in this how-to on navigating the fast-paced always-connected PR World. With a lively voice...readable by even non-PR types. ---Arizona Daily Star Reseña del editor Today's news landscape is more crowded and varied than ever before and is only growing more diverse. From bloggers to influencers to citizen journalist to all that is coming up over the horizon learning how to most effectively build brands has become a 24/7 mission for even the most experienced PR firms let alone the lone enterprise. So where does one even begin to take on such an endeavor?Look no further! In Agile PR public relations maverick Marian Salzman goes behind the scenes of creative power house Havas PR revealing the newest most effective tactics for championing brands organizations and causes. Individuals and businesses seeking to build either their brand or that of a client can learn how to: - Use newscrafting to help you or your client be the news- Personalize pitches to reporters and bloggers- Master the art of storytelling- Create branded hashtags that get shared- Gain exposure at SXSW TED and other key conferences- Get bumped to the top of online searches- And much more!Punctuated by case studies from the United Nations Foundation Wyclef Jean Sears and other campaigns Agile PR unlocks industry secrets to help anyone broaden their reach and increase their impact. Nota de la solapa If you work in public relations you know it’s a rapidly evolving field where bloggers and citizen journalists can have wider reach than media pros and social media more impact than traditional outlets. But with so many voices and channels and so much noise what has the most influence? How do you amplify your message? To find out step inside one of the most innovative PR agencies and watch as creative experts brainstorm and plan campaigns. Agile PR brings you behind the scenes at global powerhouse Havas PR. At the helm is Marian Salzman a high-profile professional known for steering people and organizations into (and sometimes out of) the news shaping narratives and building buzz. This ultimate insider’s guide provides a big-picture view of the altered media landscape. It clarifies with examples of successes and stumbles from charitable organizations tech companies political candidates celebrities retail stores and more as they try new ways to get their messages out. Most important it explains exactly how to use today’s most effective tactics for championing brands organizations and causes including how to: • Use newscrafting to help clients gain influence and be the news • Personalize pitches to reporters bloggers and social media influencers • Master the art of storytelling • Develop campaigns around big ideas • Build awareness with socially conscious actions • Create branded hashtags that get shared • Bump clients to the top of online searches • Gain exposure at SXSW TED and other key conferences and events • Avert and resolve crises in a scandal-happy world • Measure the impact of media placements • Master Twitter Instagram Snapchat and other platforms • Spot trends and link pitches to breaking news • Rethink the press release and give journalists what they want • And much more. Public relations requires adaptability and an agile skill set. Whether you’re struggling to keep up with the brave new media world or to connect the dots between the old rules and the new this wise savvy companion will help broaden your reach increase your impact and equip you for the challenges ahead. Marian Salzman is CEO of Havas PR North America and chairs its Global Collective of owned public relations agencies around the world. A top trendspotter and award-winning blogger she writes for The Huffington Post PR Week and more. Salzman is author or coauthor of more than a dozen books published in more than 15 languages. Contraportada ADVANCE PRAISE for AGILE PR “Agile PR is a superbly helpful change-management manual that will serve all those who might think they know what the PR function is today. It should be required reading for CEOs PR professionals and even students of PR.”— Sara Levinson Board member at Macy’s and Harley-Davidson Inc. “Agile PR is the best playbook for anyone and everyone who needs to navigate the fast-changing communications landscape. [It] provides very clear navigation and inspiration on the enormous changes wrought by technology on all aspects of communications. This is a must-read regardless of whether you’re a student or a successful CEO.” —Bob Jeffrey former Global CEO and Chairman J. Walter Thompson “The new normal is fast chaotic unpredictable and massively interconnected. What better guide to this new world than Agile PR from Marian Salzman who is not only brilliant but also every bit as fast and interconnected as the environment she describes.” —Stewart Owen former Vice-Chairman Young & Rubicam; founder of McGarryBowen “Agile PR is appropriately named and designed for today’s marketers and profession-als alike. As marketers it’s a daunting prospect to keep up with the pace of information and messaging while also worrying about bottom- and top-line results on a daily basis. And the pressure for results has never been greater. Speed and agility are jobs one two and three in navigating today’s consumer-in-control world. Agile PR is the bible worth memorizing quickly to level the playing field and give you a fighting chance at success!” —Carole Irgang CMO for hire Red Shoes Marketing “Wow! So much insight so many suggestions. From newscrafting to trendsetting Agile PR describes contemporary PR with grace and humor. When important things in PR happened in the last few decades Marian was there and she recognized the deep implications. Impossible to think of a reader who will not gain from Agile PR and impossible to think of a person who will not be engaged.” —Barrett Hazeltine Professor Emeritus Brown University Biografía del autor MARIAN SALZMAN is CEO of Havas PR North America and chair of the Havas PR Global Collective. A top trendspotter and award-winning blogger she has written for Adweek The Huffington Post The Guardian and more.

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