Songs and Dances of Ireland (Penny & Tin Whistle)

Songs and Dances of Ireland (Penny & Tin Whistle)

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Reseña del editor What makes hundreds of listeners cheer ecstatically at the same instant during a live concert by Egyptian diva Umm Kulthum? What is the unspoken language behind a taqsim (traditional instrumental improvisation) that performers and listeners implicitly know? How can Arabic music be so rich and diverse without resorting to harmony? Why is it so challenging to transcribe Arabic music from a recording? Inside Arabic Music answers these and many other questions from the perspective of two insiders to the practice of Arabic music by documenting a performance culture and a know-how that is largely passed on orally. Arabic music has spread across the globe influencing music from Greece all the way to India in the mid-20th century through radio and musical cinema and global popular culture through Raqs Sharqi known as Bellydance in the West. Yet despite its popularity and influence Arabic music and the maqam scale system at its heart remain widely misunderstood. Inside Arabic Music de-mystifies maqam with an approach that draws theory directly from practice and presents theoretical insights that will be useful to practitioners from the beginner to the expert - as well as those interested in the related Persian Central Asian and Turkish makam traditions. Inside Arabic Music's discussion of maqam and improvisation widens general understanding of music as well by bringing in ideas from Saussurean linguistics network theory and Lakoff and Johnson's theory of cognition as metaphor with an approach parallel to Gjerdingen's analysis of Galant-period music - offering a lens into the deeper relationships among music culture and human community. Biografía del autor Johnny Farraj is a Lebanese-born musician and software engineer of Palestinian descent. His main instrument is the riqq; he also plays the 'ud and sings. Farraj is the creator of MaqamWorld the leading Internet reference on Arabic music theory and is a frequent Arabic music blogger teacher and performer as well as a lifelong listener. Sami Abu Shumays is a Palestinian-American musician arts administrator and independent scholar who traveled to Cairo and Aleppo to immerse himself in Arabic Music. After returning to the U.S. he began performing and teaching founded Zikrayat ensemble and developed the pedagogical website Maqam lessons. He is currently Deputy Director of Flushing Town Hall an arts presenter in Queens NY.

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Hand Lettering & Calligraphy Practice Sheets:

Reseña del editor Hand Lettering and Hand Lettering & Calligraphy Practice Sheets:

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