Everything is Happening: Journey into a Painting (English Edition)

Everything is Happening: Journey into a Painting (English Edition)

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Reseña del editor “Enclosed in this beautiful package please find: an agile mind a perfect style a canny and undeceivable heart and a welcome enduring presence in the reader’s life.” --Michael ChabonA portrait of a keen social observer at the center of the last 50 years of cultural life captured through a vivid selection of O’Brien’s own writings on music to fashion to downtown art and just as importantly and unexpectedly the political temperature of America.Glenn O’Brien collaborated with visual artists writers fashion houses and musicians throughout his almost 50-year career. Intelligence for Dummies gathers Glenn O’Brien’s essays aphorisms and tweets to create a portrait of the artist as cultural bellwether complimented by artwork and photographs from his collaborators. A full color hardcover edition Intelligence for Dummies is a deeply personal aperçu into Patti Smith and Jean Michel Basquiat’s New York and the culture of money that ensued. It also reveals O’Brien’s incisive and prescient understanding of America’s political culture and of our current president. Biografía del autor Glenn O’Brien (1947-2017) was one of the most widely read and influential magazine writer-editors of the last fifty years and was a hall-of-fame copy - writer and creative director whose ads are ingrained in popular culture. Born in Cleveland Ohio O’Brien studied at Georgetown University and Columbia University Graduate School of the Arts. After college he joined Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine which he helped shape over his 20-year association. He wrote regular columns in publications including Artforum GQ Harper’s Bazaar Paper Purple and Spin and was widely read on the subjects of art fashion and music. Beloved as GQ’s “Style Guy” his witty advice column was syndicated in GQ editions around the world. O’Brien’s wrote dozens of books including 2011’s best-selling How to Be A Man published in six countries.

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