Helena (Penguin Modern Classics)

Helena (Penguin Modern Classics)

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How far would you go to save the one you truly love? Mr Darcy is a man plagued by nightmares and guilt. Something buried in his past is always trying to emerge. Unable to overcome his pain he hides from the world. Until a letter reaches him. Bingley one of his best friends is inviting him to spend some time at the coast in the neighbouring area of Penzance Cornwall where he is not just dealing with his business but also enjoying the first months of his new life as a married man. His bride is an angel-like gentlewoman called Jane whom he met during a visit to Hertfordshire last Summer. In case Darcy accepts Bingley has only one request to make: that he may bring with him one of his new sisters a Miss Elizabeth as a favour to his dearest wife. After such a painful summer and considering he had already missed his friend’s wedding against all the odds Darcy decides to accept. What he does not know is that this single decision will change his life forever. First because he will meet the only woman not just handsome enough to tempt him but also the one who breaks the walls of his prison opening for him a door to a happiness he never thought possible. And second because he will never be the same ever again after this which will also be the most terrifying experience of his life. “The Curse of Land’s End” is a story about secrets intrigue and mysteries which challenges rationality and faith and demands a courage strong enough to transcend every instinct of self-preservation in the name of honour and love. “You will do nothing in this world without courage for it is the greatest quality of the mind next to honour.” (Aristotle)Rated Mild+ (Contains up to 10 mild swear words; contains kisses and mild non-seductive description of intimacy — 'My Book Rating'). FROM THE AUTHOR Suddenly I felt compelled to write a story which would take me (and JAFF) far from my comfort zone and try something new. It was watching ‘Crimson Peak’ a biting-nail horror story that the inspiration finally came to me. How would it be to write a story about ghosts combining romance and mystery but with no ghosts? "The Curse" is set in 1815 a year when Romanticism — a movement marked by the exaltation of feelings of loss and guilt related both to nature and men — was the fashion and drama an essential component of the works of this time. "Songs of Experience" by William Blake (1794) "The Corsair" by Lord Byron (1814) and "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley (1818) are all good examples of how committed the authors were in exploring human's woes; sometimes the sombre tone and dramatic plots are almost too depressing to endure. I can understand the bad reviews related to this point. But I cannot regret my choice. As another reviewer said “we are all entitled to our own opinions”; the good reviews show it. I grant — my choice in writing a story using Romantic features was bold but for me the result was very pleasing especially considering the happy ending — what is not the norm for the Romantics. I should not be saying this but it doesn't matter how much Literature I study I always love a good happy ending. Another important choice was the deep POV of ODC. In P&P we live the story through the eyes of Elizabeth and do not learn about Darcy’s struggles until very close to the end. I intended to show the huge abyss between his aloof appearance and his troubled mind — but here he another reason for it. To give it an extra kick I portrayed Darcy as raised with strong religious convictions strengthening the stakes at risk. I needed him to keep questioning what his own eyes had seen.A visit to Land’s End some years ago sealed the deal. The dramatic landscape and climate (it was ridiculously foggy the day we visited – hence the cover) and the pirate story (yes! Captain Samuel Bellamy was a real Cornish pirate) was the perfect place for it.

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