Minding Molly (The Courtships of Lancaster County Book 3)

Minding Molly (The Courtships of Lancaster County Book 3)

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Approximate page count: over 1800 pages.An amazing value 23 book boxed set from Saraah Sowell and Martha Sowell including BONUS never released before brand-new title "Amish Widow's Anguish". Available at the current rock bottom price for a strictly limited time only..Twenty-three innocent Amish girls fell for an Englischer or fellow Amish man that help them to defined their love definition. At times they are "shunned" and risking the loss of family friends community and even their religion. They all these "pains" in hope for a better future. Gathering faith resolve hope and determination in order to find true love. This collection is packed with lots of adventures challenges of their faith definition of love hope and guidance from GOD..Book 1: Promise Of LoveBook 2: Fight For LoveBook 3: Made To LoveBook 4: Nothing But LoveBook 5: Amish TurmoilBook 6: Amish TrialBook 7: Amish MaidBook 8: Amish SaviorBook 9: Amish PrayersBook 10: Amish TearsBook 11: Amish ConvictionBook 12: Amish VirtuesBook 13: Amish DreamsBook 14: Amish FaithBook 15: Amish PurposeBook 16: Amish LoyaltyBook 17: Amish Test Of LoyaltyBook 18: Amish Rumspringa JournalBook 19: Amish DebacleBook 20: Amish Love & HatredBook 21: Amish DoubtBook 22: Amish DestinyBook 23: Amish Widow's Anguish (Unpublished Bonus)

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