DESDE EL INFIERNO II: El esperado desenlace del libro adaptado al Cine

DESDE EL INFIERNO II: El esperado desenlace del libro adaptado al Cine

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Reseña del editor Trojan Women is very much a play for our times. Strongly against war it shows its aftermath through the eyes of a group of women members of the Trojan royal household. They have experienced displacement degradation and deprivation as their city has been sacked by the Greeks. The play expresses their protest their articulation of grief their reflection upon the world they now find themselves in one in which the more they suffer the more their love for each other and for the family they have lost is strengthened. Trojan Women is concentrated in its emotive power and its uniquely lyric quality and it is not without the irony either that the positions of victors and vanquished are not always as fixed or as irreversible as they seem. Greek text with facing-page English translation introduction and commentary. Biografía del autor Shirley A. Barlow was Lecturer in the Department of Classical Studies University of Kent at Canterbury. Her publications include editions of Euripides' plays Heracles and Trojan Women for the Aris & Phillips Classical Texts series and The Imagery of Euripides (Bristol Classical Press 2008).

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