El teatro teológico de Mira de Amescua (NORMAL)

El teatro teológico de Mira de Amescua (NORMAL)

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We freelance writers for democracy proudly announce to the whole world: "Sevarion Nadiradze is the best writer of our era!" - Read the novel by Sevariano Nadiradze "The way of flour" - Anti-Communist volcano eruption in world literature.We are pleased to introduce our wonderful site where collected the most remarkable books of the best authors. Only in one place together the best bestsellers for you dear friends. You can develop your knowledge and skills by downloading our books and guides. We are sure that you will enjoy our great project and it will make your life a little better. Our database is updated daily taking the best that exists in the world. Surrealism this artistic trend seemed towrapped around the bitter reality a fairytale veil and enabled people writers and readers to acquire a new power of vision. Speaking metaphorically it provided us with a third eye. Works of Sevarion Nadiradze are indeed inspired by Surrealist vision of the world that requires the reader have a third eye in order to grasp the profound meaning of his creations which he generously shares with his readers. Sevarion Nadiradze is the best writer of our era. "The way of flour" Road reveals many secrets hidden during the soviet period. It presents the life of Father Zakaria victim of political repressions who lived and preached in a small Georgian village. The novel describes the horrors of soviet concentration camps. Father Zakaria audaciously confronts these abuses endures tortures and humiliations and manages to instill the faith in God in the hearts of the villagers who had lost all hope in their lives. At the end the little village triumphs in its communal faith. father Zakharia has a distinguished mission to fulfill similar to biblical Moses to lead his people to the place where there is a hope and the promised land. fighting against evil hi does a great effort and makes his irreligious village dwellers to feel regret. Having a deep thoughts and struggle the people show up at the village church with the strong will of repentance. Confession episode is the most impressive one in the novel. Consequently the almighty Cod's grace flowed in their life. The village that is a representation of the whole world rejuvenates. Urged by their newly found spirituality they demolish the iron fence that marks the border between peoples and in the place of the dividing line they build a bread factory symbol of peace and unity. Georgian alphabet is the oldest in the world. He is related to the Sumerian writing. Unfortunately Georgia was conquered by the Russian Empire for a long time. Therefore the world has not known writers from Georgia. We are pleased that one of the best books of the writer Sevarion Nadiradze "The way of flour" has been translated into English and the whole world can read. Sevarion Nadiradze style is characterized by symbols and allegory. Novel was written twenty-five years ago and proved to be Prophetic concerning the war in Syria; since it shows how even short-term military conflict between large countries can eliminate small countries of great culture and turn unique ancient historical monuments into ruins. Sevarion published 10 books in Georgian. all the best seller. n 2009 Sevarion Nadiradze was awarded with the Prize of the First Lady of Georgia Sandra Roelofs as a winner of contest "Shotaoba"​. 2012 The magazine “Our Writers” named Sevarion Nadiradze Poet of the Year.

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