Guards! Guards!: The Play: Playtext (Discworld Novels)

Guards! Guards!: The Play: Playtext (Discworld Novels)

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  • título:Guards! Guards!: The Play: Playtext (Discworld Novels)
  • Nombre del archivo: guards-guards-the-play-playtext-discworld-novels.pdf
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN-10: 552144312
  • ISBN-13: 978-0552144315
  • Fecha de carga: 2020-01-15
  • Numero de paginas: 554 Seiten
  • Autor: Stephen Briggs
  • Editorial: Corgi; Edición: Corgi Ed (1 de mayo de 1997)


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Críticas 'Alle Thee Dysk's a Stage' Reseña del editor Terry Pratchett's infamous city of Ankh-Morpork is under threat from a 60-foot fire-breathing dragon summoned by a secret society of malcontented tradesmen.Defending Ank-Morpork against this threat is the entire underpaid undervalued City Night Watch - a drunken and world-weary Captain a cowardly and overweight Sergeant a small opportunistic Corporal of dubious parentage...and their newest recruit Lance Constable Carrot who is upright literal law-abiding and keen. Aiding them in their fight for truth justice and the Ankh-Morporkian way are a small swamp dragon and the Librarian of Unseen University (who just happens to be an orang-utan). Biografía del autor Biography for Stephen BriggsTerry Pratchett is fifty and lives behind a keyboard in Wiltshire where he answers letters in a desperate attempt to find time to write. He used to grow carnivorous plants but now they've taken over the greenhouse and he avoids going in. He feels it may be time to get a life since apparently they're terribly useful. Carpe Jugulum is the twenty-third novel in his phenomenally successful Discworld series.Biography for Terry PratchettTerry Pratchett is one of the most popular authors writing today. He lives behind a keyboard in Wiltshire and says he 'doesn't want to get a life because it feels as though he's trying to lead three already'. He was appointed OBE in 1998. He is the author of the phenomenally successful Discworld series and his trilogy for young readers The Bromeliad is scheduled to be adapted into a spectacular animated movie. His first Discworld novel for children THE AMAZING MAURICE AND HIS EDUCATED RODENTS was awarded the 2001 Carnegie Medal.

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