La Argentina: A Timeline 10/27/62 Story (English Edition)

La Argentina: A Timeline 10/27/62 Story (English Edition)

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Less than eighteen months have passed since the October War and the war in the South Atlantic begins...In Buenos Aires there were three of them: the physician doctor who hoped he might heal his divided nation and the two generals one the great puppeteer of his generation of officers the other a would-be technocrat who almost but not quite knew what he was doing. And forgotten nowadays there was the admiral who went along with the greatest gamble in his fragile country’s history and privately regretted ever-after.On the night of 2nd/3rd April 1964 Operation Southern Justice the liberation of the Malvinas and the lost South Atlantic territories entered its end game as the assault force supported by every seaworthy ship of the Argentine Navy came ashore on the Falklands Islands and eight hundred miles away attempted to land at Leith Harbour on South Georgia.Operation Southern Justice had been envisaged as a massive show of strength which would almost bloodlessly awe and overwhelm the weak British forces on East Falkland and South Georgia.That at the same moment Argentine Marines were going ashore on East Falkland two Red Army tank armies – their entire surviving Soviet strategic reserve – was crashing into Iran and the Russian Black Sea Fleet was moving to seize Malta was unknown to the ruling clique in Buenos Aires. However any sense that the liberation of the Malvinas had been timed serendipitously was soon dispelled by the events of the following hours and days.The struggle for the Malvinas was only just beginning.Note: this is the second in a series of new unnumbered story-novellas written in the Timeline 10/27/62 world. It fills in a gap in the narrative arc of the saga and has a partner story set several years later Puerto Argentina which will be released in the spring of 2020.

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