Elephant Talk: The Surprising Science of Elephant Communication

Elephant Talk: The Surprising Science of Elephant Communication

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Críticas Downer provides an engrossing account of the science of elephant communication covering elephant social networks the workings of their vocal equipment and what we know about the sounds smells and various behaviors they employ. Prominently linked to the detailed scientific information are the researchers who investigate it. Appealing color photos of people and elephants are found throughout the volume. --The Horn Book Guide--JournalThe complex behavior of wild elephants is introduced in a flowing narrative accompanied by full-color photographs diagrams and maps. Downer provides an overview of elephant evolution places the creatures in their African and Asian contexts and describes the lives of these intelligent social animals. Her narrative then focuses on the elephants' intricate verbal and nonverbal communication techniques the physiology that enables them and the studies and experiments scientists have conducted to learn more. The illustrations and clearly labeled diagrams and maps are well placed to amplify the text. A chapter on the elephant-human relationship contains interesting historical facts and important current information about the efforts of people to ensure the survival of elephants. Throughout this highly readable informative title are profiles of individuals--an elephant keeper a scout researchers and others--who work with these animals. The 'Elephant Dictionary' will help future scientists understand an elephant's chirp grunt rev rumble and snort! --School Library Journal--JournalElephants are very social extremely chatty animals. These conclusions are supported in this book by observations technologically enhanced field research photos and diagrams. In addition to their 70 plus vocalizations elephants use various ways of walking as well as their trunks ears tails feet and urinary glands to communicate. These remarkable creatures are endangered because of loss of land conflicts with farmers over crop destruction and tusk stealing poachers. Readers learn about programs that are reducing human/elephant conflicts and resources that suggest ways to support elephants. This excellent book provides all the material needed for a report or for an enjoyable browse. --Library Media Connection--JournalHow do elephants communicate over long distances? With infrasound--frequencies lower than the human ear can hear. Readers will learn more fascinating facts about these social animals in this colorful information-packed volume which also explores how elephants connect with each other through touch smell and gesture. Well-chosen color photos will further draw both researchers and browsers into this engaging standout informational title which closes with extensive back matter to support reports. --Book Links--Other PrintPacked with information this colorful book provides fascinating glimpses of elephants as social animals and in particular as communicators. Along with more general information about African and Asian elephants and specific discussions of topics such as ivory poaching it presents a wide variety of related topics and profiles many individuals working with elephants. One chapter traces the work of Katy Payne whose groundbreaking research revealed that elephants use infrasound (frequencies lower than the human ear can hear) to communicate over long distances. Other intriguing sections discuss studies on elephant gestures as well as their senses of touch and smell. Well-chosen color photos appear on nearly every page transporting readers from American zoos to African wildlife preserves to an Indian festival celebrating the birthday of the Hindu god Ganesh. The extensive back matter includes an author's note a dictionary of elephant sounds source notes a selected bibliography and recommended reading lists of books and websites. Although most effective when focused on its primary topic this wide-ranging book is always engaging and informative. --Booklist--JournalIt is early morning in Amboseli National Park in Kenya Africa. A baby elephant hurries to keep up with his mother... 'The week-old calf is still figuring out how to put one foot in front of the other. But already he is part of the herd a rich and complex society' (p. 5). Thus begins the reader's journey into the amazingly complex world of elephants. In Elephant Talk: The Surprising Science of Elephant Communication Ann Downer gives the reader a glimpse into the social lives of elephants. This nonfiction book reads as fiction with simple prose that is fact filled and engages the reader from start to finish. The book introduces a wealth of information on the social structure of elephant societies various modes of communication and human-elephant interaction (based on years of elephant research) in a concise and reader-friendly manner. The amazing photography makes it easier for the reader to visualize the concepts introduced in the text. The use of sidebars brings the reader one step further into the world of elephant research and often personalizes the research experience. This book is an excellent resource for those interested in elephant societies. Beyond its content the book offers source notes a bibliography and a list of further resources for interested readers. Additional electronic resources are available on the Lerner Publishing Group website. Although identified as a children's book Elephant Talk is an excellent primer for all ages (beginning at the third-grade level). --Science Books & Films--Journal Reseña del editor Presents an introduction to elephants describing their different types habitat herd behavior how they communicate using sound touch and bodily movement and the dangers they face from illegal poaching. Biografía del autor Ann Downer was born in Virginia and spent part of her childhood in the Philippines and in Thailand. She is the author of five fantasy novels for young readers and three previous books about science including the award-winning Elephant Talk: The Surprising Science of Elephant Communication for Twenty-First Century Books. Her first picture book Shark Baby was published in 2013. She lives outside Boston Massachusetts with her husband and son. Their backyard is visited by woodchucks skunks and rabbits but no bears--so far.

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