3000 Facts About Video Games (1000 Facts about Video Games Book 4) (English Edition)

3000 Facts About Video Games (1000 Facts about Video Games Book 4) (English Edition)

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There is a version of The Legend of Zelda where every character is Nicholas Cage.Donkey Kong started off as a Popeye game.The combos in Street Fighter II were created by accident.The combat system in Batman: Arkham Asylum was supposed to resemble Guitar Hero.When the trailer of Crash Bandicoot was first revealed some people thought it looked so good the demo was fake.The lead character of Cuphead was nearly a unicycle.Destiny cost $500 million.Halo was originally called Blam!Nintendo was created in 1889.Mortal Kombat was only made by four people.Final Fantasy was meant to be called Fighting Fantasy.There’s a version of Grand Theft Auto V where meteors keep smashing into the city.The blocks in Tetris are called Tetriminos.Sonic appeared in two games before Sonic the Hedgehog.There were not supposed to be any people in The Sims.

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