Kissing the Enemy Series Box Set (Books 1-3) (English Edition)

Kissing the Enemy Series Box Set (Books 1-3) (English Edition)

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Three sweet standalone sports-themed Young Adult novels filled with first kisses forbidden crushes and swoonworthy romance...The Perfect CatchHe's her brother's best friend her new softball coach and now...her first kiss. Too bad he's also totally off-limits.There's no doubt about it Noah is avoiding Callie like the plague now that she's living in the dorms on his college campus. She'd hoped this weeklong softball clinic would help put their past awkwardness behind them--after all he'd taught her everything she knows about the game. But her brother's best friend is more of a jerk than ever. Until he kisses her. And now...well now she doesn't know what's going on between them. But it doesn't matter not really. She's not here for Noah she's only here to show the recruiters at the big showcase game that she has what it takes to play for a college team.It's a solid plan...until it all falls apart. Thanks to Noah's overprotective interference she's kicked out of the showcase game and any chance of college scholarships slips out of her reach. But there might be a way to salvage her plan and her future. She just has to be seen right? Noah's the new coach for a charity softball event and he owes her big time. She might just be able to save her scholarship chances if she can survive his coaching...and his kisses.The Perfect MatchThe new guy at school was officially Kate's worst nightmare. And that was before he turned her world upside down with a mind-blowing kiss.Kate's an introvert. Levis is...not. Some might say he's a loudmouthed jerk. Kate definitely would especially since he seems determined to make her life miserable by putting her in the spotlight every chance he gets. His opportunities are endless now that she's babysitting his little brother and when they're paired up together for an intramural scrimmage? Well there's no hope of avoiding him now. She's stuck with him for better or worse. But after her nemesis turned teammate kisses her Kate has a much bigger problem on her hands. Suddenly Levi's mockery seems more like teasing and what she thought were attempts to humiliate her feel like the push she needs to overcome her fears. So really the problem isn't that she's stuck with Levi as her's the fact that she might be falling for her worst enemy.The Perfect ScoreBeing a human cupid isn't all it's cracked up to be. Especially now when it's her heart on the line.Ox might be the living definition of the strong and silent type but Maddie knows for a fact that underneath that big bad scowl lies an equally big heart. He deserves to love and be loved and she's just the girl to help him. After all she's basically a human love detector. She's seen all of her friends' true loves coming from a mile away. But Maddie has a secret one that will ruin her reputation as the fun carefree flirt that everybody knows and love. This cupid already lost her heart and she's not sure she trusts herself to risk it again. Not even for a quiet giant with a heart of gold.Ox never asked for Maddie's help and he definitely doesn't want it. He keeps his distance for a reason. Or at least he did until Maddie came along. The little pixie with the brilliant smile wouldn't take no for an answer when it came to being his friend and now it seems she's just as determined to find him a girlfriend. But how to tell her that he doesn't want just any girl. He only wants her.

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