Empath: Best Practices to Learn in order to become a Good and Effective Empath (English Edition)

Empath: Best Practices to Learn in order to become a Good and Effective Empath (English Edition)

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The life and journey is a truly fascinating and wondrous thing. On the surface it manifests as an intense emotional awareness of what is going on in the lives of the people around. It can even take the form of being able to discern the thoughts of other people! But behind the scenes there are some intense neurological and psychological processes at play.Brain imaging has been as powerful to psychology as the advent of the telescope was to astronomy. It allows scientists to see inside of the brain as different functions are occurring. What is of particular interest to those interested in empaths is the neurological responses to emotional stimuli. There are distinct regions of the brain that light up like fireworks in empaths but that is largely dormant or malfunctioning in people with psychological disorders like sociopaths. Furthermore the subconscious minds of empaths are extraordinarily powerful so powerful that they can overwhelm the empath’s conscious thoughts. This book will help you understand the neurology and psychology behind an empath’s abilities. You will learn about brain structures like the amygdala as well as the role of the conscious and subconscious mind. You will learn about the importance of dreams as a bridge between those two hemispheres and even how you can attain a level of consciousness in your sleep. Interspersed throughout are tips and tricks to help you improve in each of the particular areas so that you can better develop your skills as an empath.Finally this book looks at some of the ancient traditions of energy forces: chi yin and yang. It explores what these forces are why they matter their significance for empaths and how you can use them as an empath. They can help you find balance and achieve self-awareness. They can even help improve your physical well-being! By the time you finish this book you will understand many of the scientific reasons behind the empath’s gift and journey. You will also be able to apply this scientific understanding to your own life to help you develop and grow as an empath.

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