Azure DevOps Server 2019 Cookbook: Proven recipes to accelerate your DevOps journey with Azure DevOps Server 2019 (formerly TFS) 2nd Edition (English Edition)

Azure DevOps Server 2019 Cookbook: Proven recipes to accelerate your DevOps journey with Azure DevOps Server 2019 (formerly TFS) 2nd Edition (English Edition)

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Over 70 recipes to effectively apply DevOps best practices and implement Agile Git CI-CD & Test automation using Azure DevOps Server (TFS) 2019Key FeaturesLearn improving code quality using pull requests branch policies githooks and git branching designAccelerate the deployment of high quality software by automating build and releases using CI-CD Pipelines.Learn tried and tested techniques to automate database deployments App Service & Function Deployments in Azure.Book DescriptionAzure DevOps Server previously known as Team Foundation Server (TFS) is a comprehensive on-premise DevOps toolset with a rich ecosystem of open source plugins. This book is your one stop guide to learn how to effectively use all of these Azure DevOps services to go from zero to DevOps. You will start by building high-quality scalable software targeting .NET .NET core or Node.js applications. You will learn techniques that will help you to set up end-to-end traceability of your code changes from design through to release. Whether you are deploying software on-premise or in the cloud in App Service Functions or Azure VMs this book will help you learn release management techniques to reduce release failures. Next you will be able to secure application configuration by using Azure KeyVault. You will also learn how to create and release extensions to the Azure DevOps marketplace and reach million developer ecosystem for feedback. The working extension samples will allow you to iterate changes in your extensions easily and release updates to the marketplace quickly. By the end of this book techniques provided in the book will help you break down the invisible silos between your software development teams. This will transform you from being a good software development team to an elite modern cross functional software development team.What you will learnSet up a team project for an Agile delivery team importing requirements from ExcelPlantrack and monitor progress using self updating boards Sprint and Kanban boardsUnlock the features of Git by using branch policies Git pull requests forks and Git hooksBuild and release .NET core SQL and Node.js applications using Azure PipelineAutomate testing by integrating Microsoft and open source testing frameworksExtend Azure DevOps Server to a million developer ecosystemWho this book is forThis book is for anyone looking to succeed with DevOps. The techniques in this book apply to all roles of the software development lifecycle including developers testers architects configuration analysts site reliability engineers and release managers. If you are a new user you’ll learn how to get started; if you are an experienced user you’ll learn how to launch your project into a modern and mature DevOps enabled software development team. Table of ContentsPlanning and Tracking WorkSource Control ManagementBuild and Release AgentsContinuous Integration and Build AutomationContinuous TestingContinuous DeploymentsAzure Artifacts and Dependency ManagementAzure DevOps Extensions

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