Sigmund Ringeck's Knightly Arts of Combat: Sword and Buckler Fighting Wrestling and Fighting in Armor

Sigmund Ringeck's Knightly Arts of Combat: Sword and Buckler Fighting Wrestling and Fighting in Armor

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Reseña del editor The lessons of influential 15th-century fencing master Sigmund Ringeck are brought to life once again by David Lindholm and Peter Svard the duo behind Sigmund Ringeck's Knightly Art of the Longsword. This lavishly illustrated companion to Longsword examines Ringeck's instruction on fighting with the sword and buckler fighting in armor with longsword and spear and wrestling. These disciplines and more are fully explained both by Ringeck's text (offered in the original old German as well as the authors' English translation) and detailed captions for the step-by-step illustrations. The timeless works of Ringeck who is best known for his interpretations of the teachings of grand master Johannes Liechtenauer offer a rare opportunity to experience a firsthand account of this important period in the development of the Western martial arts. This book will be treasured by aficionados of the medieval arts of combat for generations to come. Biografía del autor Peter Svard is an art director and illustrator for a Swedish Internet consultancy firm. He has been active in various medieval/fantasy societies since the late 1980s training with swords on and off for about 10 years. David Lindholm has an MA in medieval archaeology and history from the University of Lund and works as a writer and archaeologist. He has been training in European swordsmanship since 1986 and has some experience in Western fencing iaido and kenjutsu. He is a member of ARMA (the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts) and directs the ARMA study group in Malmoe Sweden. John Clements has practiced cut-and-thrust swordsmanship for almost 20 years and trains regularly in long-sword sword and shield sword and buckler sword and dagger Medieval spear and rapier and dagger methods. He lectures on historical weaponry and is an ardent promoter of contact-weapon sparring with historical replica swords.

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Libro asociado Sigmund Ringeck's Knightly Arts of Combat: Sword and Buckler Fighting Wrestling and Fighting in Armor

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